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‚ÄčCapital Cash Best Personal lenders & Business Loan Capital Cash Maximum Amounts Corporate Commercial Personal No Pg, No Fico, Credit Repair, Personal Line of Credit, Primaries, Funding, CPN Funding, Get the Best Commercial Lenders Offers at Lowest Rates

Scammer Tina Conely spoofing our identity and using our logo of our old ad embedded in her scammer her NEW SCAMMER add to sell FAKE TRADELINES FOR BUSINESS AND FAKE CORP TRADELINES.  Same stuff this SCAMMER been doing for 15 years hitting and scamming trying to make Capital Cash look like the scam.   

She ALWAYS sends her corrupt scams to my email and always has her flunkies call and question us about what we are doing so she can copy and make something to resemble or clone us and SCAM PEOPLE. 

Since I emailed her back and gave this cockroach demon attention since she can't fund or make any legit money this demon then make a FAKE TRUST PILOT report as she has for years slandering and libeling Capital Cash. 


She can't fund and never could she has spent here whole life hiding and scamming. 

She never ever would keep a website for long cause she rippoff so many people so bad till years go buy about 9yrs and mine still up and she lose all the business since I been around so now she s kept this WEBSITE for few years but got better at hiding her ANGRY clients by PAYING RIPOFF REPORT to remove all her COMPLAINTS.   Which she is selling stolen corps from previous owners that haven't paid their back fee's, that is when the clients do get the corp or if they get it, many people saying both and then upsale them on unnecessary or and fake tradelines. She s done both over the years but can't ever give up the fake anonymous emails and website cause her philosophy is to get all money she can from everyone and from who ever she get get all they have by ANY means or words necessary. 

Tina Conely is a full time PROFESSIONAL Bernie Maddoff level scammer.  She gets as many brokers as all her websites say hiring brokers as possible to peddle her scams.  ANYTHING that gets cash > credit repair or do it yourself anything or tradelines or corp s or sells corps with fake tradelines or sometimes maybe provide one and charge for 10 or 20 everything for over decade is always completely taking advantage of people. 

She used to live in Winterpark Florida and Atlanta Georgia or still in either one, her husband last I knew about years back got out of prison for racketeering.  Colluding with other companies to commit crimes.  Which she still does to this day cause she does nothing but set all her brokers up with website s all day long and sell packages to rip people off.  She has been doing this for over a decade.   She will only provide any bit on any thing legitimate only for a brief moment in time IF that only to set up people for the big steal. 

Why do I know all this ? well 15 years ago maybe 17 when I first started in this business and didn't know she ripped off all clients I sent her and I saw it all.  Took me (2) years  to pay them all back.  I stayed same business she hide more and more then started making copy cats of Capital Cash since after a decade she realized Capital Cash was never going away no matter what lies and slander was thrown on me.   

Now 15 years or bit more she still doing anonymous hidden fake names fake companies to scam as she has for all this time.  She and her gang run craigslist used to me 90% of every single financial ad was all her group of scammers most likily its still the same today cause she is STILL UP TO THE SAME OLD TRICKS. 

This evil demon gets off on scamming people, she used to or probably still does sell fortune reading and spell casting and still has tons of different broker scammers flooding every where that has a financial ad.  

Tina Conely she tries stay off the phone cause she has a distinct voice of ebonic, bipolar, usually with kids in the back ground excessively nice till start to question where your whatever your paid for went then she will make threats pull your background and try to blackmail her victims or mass false slander attacks all over the internet under false names to ruin people.  She is viciously evil.  I will never forget damage she did the clients I had caused many divorces, on guy to get in a car wreck and brain surgery, anorisms and stress cause she would make up tons of new excuses and literally milk these clients to for more money for everything in the book to get the corp to fund etc etc.  She scams her brokers that don't even know whats going on then they go run off and do what she does or stay with her and join evil forces.  I only ever did success fee after funding.  

This year after SCREENING new clients for 1. making sure they are not one of her flunkies yes I will take a 1,000 retainer for FUNDING or if it fails for CREDIT REPAIR which goes in escrow.  I never did that for years till last summer three (3) clients didn't make payments on loans 25k -30K and thus I had to go back and pay them all off.  Thus now I only help a select small amount of people and that is OLDER business minded people who can manage their cash flow and not be a LIABILITY. 

Below see the copy of her current website listed A-E the following:

A. Her emailing me with my logo ad embedded in her scam new co anonymous ad since this sick demon gets off on this form of harassment and attack over the years against me or anyone who has caught her in her scams and confronted her.  

B. Her fake false Trust pilot report

C. My email to her website provider threatening them for supporting and identity thieving scammer

D. Her email from RIPPOFF REPORT when she paid them to remove all MY REBUTALS TO HER FAKE ATTACKS ON Capital Cash USING fake names etc  SHE SLANDER MY CO and I documented it was her with her Company she paid RIPPOFF report and REMOVED ALL MY REBUTALS to all the FAKE ATTACKS, I m sure most still on rip off report or many are from her since I would tell people truth about NO PG FUNDING FAKE TRADELINES AND CPNs when I advertised and people called alot she lost tons of business thus her goal has always been to put Capital Cash under. 

E. Her MAIN Real SCAM company Wholesale Shelf Corporations