At Capital Cash we Get BUSINESS CREDIT LINES & LOANS REAL MONEY but for those of you who are hacking it on your own and haven't yet realized what our abilities are you may be interested in this info.  

We strategically, methodically, organizationally make coordinated moves with in the financial sector with private connections and information from the inside to take steps that others don't even have knowledge about. To say its walking a mine field is an understatement, we have been doing this online for 8 years nationwide and locally for 10 years prior to that as well.  

Timing, knowledge and experience is what others don't get, maximum funding no turn downs and getting a person from the lowest level of credit to the pinnacle of capital fastest is an art that is honed over years and takes connections.  Other companies can post ads talk a big game but they can never deliver and it is more then evident when you call them and it goes to call screening or google voice all to hide from the client whose credit they previously destroyed from their guinea pig operations like a mad surgeon with no skills, education or talent in Mexico killing patients! haha They don't last for years like us and they always have anonymous ads and the highest degree of flakiness because of they have bad intent, low information and truly no abilities or connections but people fall for them every time. We see it all the time some one got $20,000 and tons of inquiries or got nothing and we could have literally got them 3 - $400,000 set them up in a pay after corporation and got them (4) four business lines of credit of $500,000 and one for $250,000 all corporate money that doesn't even show up on their personal credit profile.  

Then we can structure them for the next levels on and on, we have been funding clients from o to some now making over 1 Billion a year, we know what we are doing and it is why we have lasted the test of time. 

Bad moves in capital building and the financial industry cost you GIANT missed opportunities sometimes that can never be regained,  years and months of time and tons of money.  We have seen it all truly among clients who think they are smarter and haha well lets say no one or any other company has ever out funded us and we can prove it.  A quick reality check is, go try it on your own with yourself or who ever you think is better and we  will take off all the mistake inquiries at $150 dollars a pop then let you see how much time and money you really missed out on, that is a guaranteed fact that we can do that and prove what was done way wrong and what the right CONNECTED PATH is. 

Connected is legal and we are talking about Private Money, Equitable Shares, Potential Cash Injections, Hedge Money, Other Banking Facets and Underwriting Exceptions To Make Big Things Happen.  Like the best financial products available and not available on the market from small $100,000 business credit lines to $30,000,000 +  business credit lines, one instrument and long term real funding with out multiple bank participants but one source at the high end levels. 

If your truly business minded and have a good business making money and want the next level their is no other choice if your wanting to do a start up well IF you can convince us not with words but the numbers and pass our requirements that you are a person that can handle real funding we ll get you to the next level.  

We are not for the day dreamer who thinks get money first then get a clue you have to know your path and know it will work and no pre paid wanna be business plan sales scam gonna cut it cause they just sell those and so many other things to naive people just to make a dollar and take advantage of them.   

If your of the right mind and we can trust you that you won't be a liable and just default and not grow so we grow we will work well together. We don't want every bodies business and we are not in the business of selling anything just to sell anything like the rest of the internet.  We are here in Chicago and we are real if you are real.   We take it slow with you till we realize and see what kind of mindset  you really have then go all the way.   

Call us today maybe your the client we are looking for to build the future of capital on.  Most of our clients are referrals but sometimes we ll try out the right people that will fit will in our tight but expansive funding model with our partners whom you will meet and realize you finally found the missing key to your business puzzle that will change it for rest of your life big.   We ll start out small with you as long as you can do your part we ll always be able to fund you more always.

We can assist you with bad credit and do credit repair add primary tradelines for free and get you into funding then get you into corporate credit with real aged corporation build out the way it should be for no pg no credit no fico funding as well as pg funding that will not show up on one personal credit unless its defaulted on, but with the corporate real business money the biggest con in the industry people all make their living selling the pipe dream to just take advantage of the consumer and can't fund.  Funding is where the money is but since companies that just sell tradelines and corps only are doing it for the quick rip off sell and never can build out a corp that get funding or even have intent to even do one tradeline at all most often.   

Why we are different is because we will fund you first then build you up the is then corporate funding then we establish your business into a real foundation for the first 1 to 5 million and then we get you to solid full scale corporation past the small business s corp to the real full blown business and all its functioning parts. We can create the future from nothing into a billion dollar a year business but it takes work on both or parts.  We have done it before and done with several business now making in the 500 million range and smaller 100 million ranges and less.   

People have been going with all the fake providers and gotten no where and have nothing but headache and losses while we still have the same clients breaking records and still with us.   So when you think some new website has great new ad and all their elaboration on guidelines, frequently asked questions and their PACKAGES one needs to realize they are doing to prevent people from calling them and recognizing their voice as who just ripped them off on the last corp credit scam.  Its the same person for 90% of the scams on the internet with naive brokers to follow this person while they take advantage of them and the consumer.  

So when ones looking at a real funding source don't fall for the smoke and mirrors when reality is lots of others can't even keep an ad or website name for days, or months let alone fund one.   Learn the hard way or learn by letting one see it themselves.   Dunn and Bradstreet is only the popular business bureau its not the important to real lenders we work in the bureau's for all the business bureau's and their is 5 of them and even one of them that isn't even know to the public and it is a profile about everything one wouldn't even expect to see in a bureau.  Fact is real funding takes real knowledge and experience call us and we can change your financial future.   We will even look at your cpn for funding or ones bad credit or even tell you how one can get free tradelines. 

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